Eric and the Bees
for Zendesk & Even/Odd

Beekeeping is a lifesaving form of therapy for Eric Grandon, a U.S. Army veteran who suffers from PTSD after 20 years in combat. For the past several years, Eric has invited other trauma survivors to his farm so they could experience the healing powers of beekeeping. 
8 min / West Virginia, 2020

Talent x Opportunity
for a16z

The Talent x Opportunity Initiative (TxO) is a system that discovers and supports cultural geniuses who have the talent, drive and ideas to build breakthrough companies, but lack the networks and resources to do so. TxO is designed to help these entrepreneurs build durable, successful companies around their cultural innovations.

Life at Notion

A workplace culture video for the San Francisco startup.

Notion Block by Block

Tehani Photo Workshop
for Too Young To Wed

Too Young To Wed, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting girls’ right and ending child marriage, held its second Tehani Photo Workshop in Samburu, Kenya in August of 2017. 

The workshop is held for Kenyan girls between the ages of 11- to 16-years old who have all have been saved from child marriage by the Samburu Girls Foundation, a Kenyan organization that focuses on educating girls who have endured childhood marriage.

We are a film production studio based in California.