Paradise Lost
for the Guardian

Paradise, California, was a slice of heaven for those who lived there – until they lost everything in California’s worst wildfire. The Camp fire wiped out the town, killed at least 85 people, and scorched 150,000 acres. But in the face of a dark new reality, shellshocked residents are displaying resilience.

Life After The Work
for Topic Magazine

While serving life sentences in prison, Rick Misener and Eldra Jackson III confronted themselves through an intensive prison therapy program. After proving dramatic inner growth, they were both release on bail. In the short films below, they share their philosophies of life.

A Fever Dream at BeautyCon
for The New Yorker 

On a weekend in August, the Los Angeles Convention Center was the setting for a surreal convergence of cosmetics, “influencers,” and a new generation of customers.

Hurricane Irma
for the Guardian


A week on from the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, Florida Keys residents are finding strength in one another as they try to piece together their homes and make sense of what happened.

Finding Home
for National Geographic

After living in their cars in a San Diego ‘safe lot’ for years, this family finally found a home.

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