The Regulars 
for the San Francisco Chronicle

The Regulars is a video series we started at the San Francisco Chronicle. It profiles everyday people caught in the cacophany of modern urban life.

Suu The Street Sweeper

Suu Ngo, 67, has been working as a street sweeper with the DPW the past five years along Irving Street in the Inner Sunset. She talks about the importance of family in her life and the urge to keep working.

The Opera Singer

This is the story of a man who fell from grace. From the biggest stages in the world to the streets of San Francisco. Tim Blevins has suffered from addiction, health problems and housing issues but retains a resiliency to rebound and make it back to centerstage, reconnect with his family and mend his missteps.

Oldest Goat in the Bay

At 90 years old, Walt Schneebeli swims in the bay three times a week with a group that calls themselves the ‘old goats.’ Walt is the oldest goat still swimming.

Signal Tower Speakeasy

Perched atop Yerba Buena Island, between Oakland and San Francisco, the bay area's underground gathers for one of the last speakeasies in an old naval signal tower.

The Real Fisherman’s Wharf

Erik Sandquist takes us through the Golden Gate Bridge north of San Francisco in the Pacific Ocean and speaks about his experience as a commercial anchovy fisherman

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